Neglected experiences: Fertility and childbearing among young people in Ethiopia

Marriage and parenthood
Policy paper

This policy brief draws on a qualitative study of young people in eight rural and urban communities who are part of the Young Lives longitudinal study of 3,000 children and young people in Ethiopia. 

The study investigates experiences of fertility and childbearing among young mothers and fathers, whose voices are rarely heard in the debates on child marriage.

This policy brief is based on the following working paper: Chuta, N., K. Birhanu and V. Vinci (2020) Who Decides? Fertility and Childbearing Experiences of Young Married Couples in Ethiopia, Young Lives Working Paper 196, Oxford: Young Lives. This is one of a set of eight briefs summarising key findings and policy implications from eight corresponding working papers based on the research for the Young Lives fifth-wave qualitative survey in 2019.