Young Lives School Surveys 2016-17: Ethiopia Country Report

Jack Rossiter
School effectiveness
Country report

This report gives an overview of the Young Lives school effectiveness survey conducted at the beginning and end of the 2016-17 (2009 E.C.) academic year. It provides a descriptive summary of the data collected from 12,182 students in Grade 7 and Grade 8, learning in 30 sites across seven of Ethiopia’s eleven regional states and city administrations.

The school effectiveness survey was designed to allow analysis of what shapes children's learning and progression over a school year. The data will allow researchers to understand, describe and explain school and education system effectiveness. The survey focuses on issues of attainment (e.g. progression and grade completion) and achievement (e.g. on the learning and other outcomes delivered by the school system) in a structure that links students to teachers, classrooms and schools.

ISBN 978-1-909403-96-3