School effectiveness in Ethiopia, India and Vietnam: Key findings from the 2016-17 Young Lives School Survey

Sustainable Development Goal 4 includes a commitment to ensuring quality education, including ‘relevant and effective learning outcomes’ for all. In 2016-17, Young Lives conducted school effectiveness surveys in Ethiopia, India and Vietnam to examine the quality of learning outcomes in these countries at upper primary and secondary level.

At this launch event taking place on Monday 4 September at 2pm, the Young Lives Education team will share key findings on the variation in learning achievement within and between countries, and on the ‘value-added’ by different schools and school types in these countries. Particular attention will be given to cross-country findings on quality learning, enabled by the development of learning metrics designed to be both contextually relevant and internationally comparable. Initial findings from Young Lives’ most recent school survey in Peru, conducted in 2017, will also be presented.

Taking place the day before the 2017 UKFIET conference on Learning and Teaching for Sustainable Development, this event offers a space to discuss and debate key issues in global education – the development of global learning metrics, addressing inequalities within education systems, the assessment of ‘21st century skills’ in low and middle-income countries, the privatisation of education – in light of unique evidence from the Young Lives school surveys.

This event will take place at New College, Holywell Street, Oxford, OX1 3BN.

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