New book: Children's Work and Labour in East Africa

This book brings together contributions by academics and practitioners interested in strengthening the role of research in improving policies relatied to children and poverty in Africa. It presents evidence from working children's lives and perspectives in cases from Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan, spanning a variety of types of children's work, from agriculture to mining to petty trade, paid and unpaid work, inside and outside household contexts. Examples speak to children's experiences of work to discern best practices that might be applied more broadly, including meaningful ways for involving children in policy processes. The book shows how children's lives have changed with increases in paid and domestic work in addition to the demands of schooling. It will appeal to both academics and practitioners interested in promoting the well-being of working children and ensuring that policies relating to children are firmly based on evidence.


Introduction: Children's Work and Current Debates
Michael Bourdillon, Gina Crivello and Alula Pankhurst

Reframing Children's Contributions to Household Livelihoods in Ethiopia through a Political-Economy Perspective
Tatek Abebe

Work in Children Lives in Ethiopia: Examples from Young Lives Communities
Alula Pankhurst, Gina Crivello and Agazi Tiumelissan

Child Labour in Khartoum: Factors and Repercussions
Ibtisam Satti Ibrahim

Children Sustaining Families: Insights into the Lives of Working Children in Addis Ababa
Emebet Mulugeta

Children Combining School and Work in Ethiopian Communities
Yisak Tafere and Alula Pankhurst

Parents' and Children's Perspectives on Child Work and Schooling
Gladwell Wambiri

Children's Perspectives on their Working Lives and on Public Action against Child Labour in Burkina Faso
Josephine Wouango

The Role of Child Participation in Influencing Policies to Protect Children from Harmful Work: a Kenyan Case  
Magdalene Wanza Muoki

Concluding Reflections
Michael Bourdillon, Gina Crivello and Alula Pankhurst

Appendix: Potential Benefits and Harm in Children?s Work


Children's Work and Labour in East Africa: Social Context and Implications for Policy, edited by Alula Pankhurst, Michael Bourdillon and Gina Crivello, 2015

Available from

Organisation for Social Sicence Research in Eastern and Southern Africa (OSSREA)
PO Box 31971, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia