COVID-19 in Ethiopia: trends, measures and socio-economic impacts

COVID-19 Message

COVID-19 has affected the whole world even if not equally.  Ethiopia is experiencing the negative impacts of COVID-19 but cases so far are much lower than had been projected. However the measures being taken to prevent COVID-19 have significantly impacted the economic and social life of people in Ethiopia.
A blog on the COVID-19 realities in Ethiopia has been released by Young Lives Ethiopia Country Director Dr Alula Pankhurst. The blog narrates the course of events since the first COVID-19 case in March 13, 2020 and also provides for explanations COVID-19  impacts in Ethiopia based on research findings from across the globe and national studies. The blog tries to answer questions such as what explains the slow spread and recent increase of the virus, what have been the measures taken and their impacts, and how has COVID-19 affected the country and social groups differentially.
Please click here to read the blog.