Child Research and Practice Forum

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The Child Research and Practice Forum (CRPF) was created in 2010 with the main objectives of linking Ethiopian research, practice, and policy. So far, Young Lives has taken the lead in coordinating the forum with logistical support from UNICEF Ethiopia, and other agencies. The Forum holds a monthly afternoon seminar where research on children is presented for a number of participants followed by debates and discussion. It also publishes newsletters and annual publications for wider dissemination.

The Forum’s steering committee is composed of members from the Ministry of Women, Children and Youth (MoWCY); the African Child Policy Forum (ACPF);  CHAD-ET; the Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Associations (CCRDA); the Forum on Sustainable Child Empowerment  (FSCE)Norwegian Church Aid; Oak foundationSave the ChildrenUNICEF; and Young Lives.

The CRPF produces quarterly newsletters and regularly produces papers of members' research.

2017 CRPF Annual Summary

2016 CRPF Annual Summary

2015 CRPF Annual Summary

2014 CRPF Annual Summary

2013 CRPF Annual Summary

2012 CRPF Annual Summary

2011 CRPF Annual Summary

Download back issues of the CRPF newsletter below:

Issue 12 - March 2019

Issue 11 - July 2017

Issue 10 - January 2017

Issue 9 – August 2016

Issue 8 – April 2016

Issue 7 – September 2015

Issue 6 – December 2014

Issue 5 – February 2014

Issue 4 – December 2012

Issue 3 – May 2012

Issue 2 – November 2011

Issue 1 – March 2011